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book review

After starting to read this book with a little skepticism I was delighted to discover that the author had written with a refreshing down to earth approach. The book was informative and throws around ideas that when put into practice actually work! An easy, enjoyable read, with useful ‘tips’ to carry with you in everyday life.. I would heartily recommend this read to someone looking for ways to improve a relationship.

Zoe Key

Book review

This is a stunning book; concise, positive and joyous. The text is beautifully presented and elevating.  A fantastic choice for those seeking answers in life's rich tapestry. Highly recommended.

Nicky Carter

book review

Fascinating read giving you so many insights not only on romantic relationships, but all your interactions as a woman, a mum, a friend or a partner. I'll definitely keep referring to it as it makes so much sense. Thoroughly recommend it.

Valérie Morss

Book review

This book gave me a valuable insight in my relationships with others and really made me think about my own self worth.


Book review

This book is such an easy read and simplifies what I thought was a complicated process. It makes finding love seem so easy.


Book review

A very interesting read full of ‘smack in the face light bulb moments’ blinding obvious when it’s there in black and white!!! The missing piece of life’s jigsaw.

Sam B
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