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I’d like to ask you a question: Is life all you want it to be? Do you have everything your heart desires? 

If your answer is yes, that's wonderful! It’s fabulous to hear that people are happy and satisfied in life - but if not, I’d love to help you.

As a qualified counsellor and relationship therapist, my passion lies in helping you to be the best version of yourself possible, and live the life you dream of. Let me guide you on your journey of self discovery to find out exactly who you are and how you can create the kind of life you would love to live, with your perfect match by your side.

If your happiness and contentment is something you want to commit to, and you'd like me to accompany you on the first part of your exciting adventure - get in touch! I'd love to hear from you...

Together we can change your world!

I have recently published my book to help you begin your journey, it's available on Amazon for less than the price of your favourite coffee :-)

The Art of Creating the Type of Relationship You Thought You Could Only Dream Of (How To Attract and Keep The Partner You Deserve)


As a dating and relationship coach I can help if you’re having troubles in your relationship or if you’re single and are finding it hard to meet ‘The One’. I have various programmes available to you, ranging from 1:1 coaching to self-directed online courses. Click below.



As a qualified and registered counsellor, I provide a safe place in which you can talk in confidence about whatever is troubling you. You will be listened to with compassion, 
understanding and without judgement. Please click the link if you’d like to know more.



I run workshops for people who prefer to find out about themselves and what's going on for them in person rather than online. These events are held in beautiful locations and are also an opportunity to make new new friends and have some 'me' time.


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Rachael is extremely sensitive, attentive and empathetic, and is obviously passionate about her work helping people. She's very easy to talk to, and works hard to build a trusting relationship with her clients. She's fantastic support whatever the issue - she really cares and you couldn't want for a better person to talk to.


I have found Rachael to be an empathetic, patient and compassionate counsellor. Rachael has enabled me to talk through my issues without fear of judgement and gain an understanding of what measures I can act upon to overcome these. My outlook on life has improved tremendously and I cannot thank Rachael enough for her kindness and support.  Although moving  forward, I will also miss her!


I felt listened to rather than sympathised with. I didn’t feel judged in any way and felt that the questions raised questioned my own perceptions and enabled me to view myself differently. I felt I was able to talk freely as Rachael’s openness enabled this. Her genuineness shone through


Rachael, thank you so much for helping me sort through things and put everything into perspective, especially my relationship with my husband. Best wishes,

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