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I contacted Rachael after a series of unsuccessful dates. I decided I needed to change the way I was doing things. Her course has helped me to look at myself and what I want for my future. Lots of things have come up along the way which Rachael has helped me work through.The course requires effort and self examination. Support from Rachael is always on hand. The main thing I would say is that I now look positively at my future. I was in a rush to meet someone. Now I am prepared to wait until I meet someone worth committing to. I believe that will happen. 

This has been the best money I've ever spent! It's a process which in itself is tremendously worthwhile. It's not a 'product' to me in that I am not buying an end product. It's worth it for the process I'm going through.

Thank you




Hearing about Finding Mr Darcy has been a catalyst for me to change. I've changed my outlook on dating and most importantly started thinking about what I want. This has led to me setting my own boundaries and sticking to them rather than bending them to please others. Thank you Rachael for starting the conversation and organising events for like minded people. I for one am feeling positive about this journey 


Coaching, relationships

The biggest challenge I faced in 2016 which is when I started my sessions with Rachael, was that I had turned 40 the year prior and taken a three month sabbatical through the summer. So far, so privileged! However even after just my first two sessions with Rachael, I think I had hit the nail on the head. With her help to focus my thoughts I realised that I had lost focus on my life and with the milestone of turning 40 and achieving a goal that I had been working towards since I turned 30 having taken up most/ all of my thoughts combined with a successful career, I hadn't really focused enough on me.

I was skeptical at first but it felt good to discuss, identify and work through issues in a structured way with Rachael asking questions encouraging me to answer truthfully and look at my life and consider what and how to change it for the positive. Although at first, I felt exposed emotionally I did feel as though I was in a safe pair of hands and one whom I could trust and thought was credible. Over the course of the few weeks Rachael helped me identify the areas I needed to work on and continue to work on.

Rachael helped me to take on the elusive work, life balance and actually make positive changes including a decision to relocate from London to Manchester. With the reading materials and course videos, I was encouraged to develop my mind set to a more postive one and employ that on a day to day basis and realise the power of that.

What Rachael really excelled at was asking very pertinent, personal yet sensitive questions that helped me come to my own conclusions but once i had put those thoughts out there, she helped me organise them and also address any issues that came to light including low self esteem and and a sense of being lost. She introduced coping mechanisms, plus help with analysing why past relationships hadn't worked out.

What I learned is that it isn't just about relationships but how I view myself. Writing the journals and reading the recommended text at first felt alien and time consuming but actually it really helped build on those things i need to work on and identify when I was having a good or a bad day. Grasping the coping mechanisms and employing them in every day life, realising why needed closure and how to try and feel more positively about my last relationship ending was and is a game changer. I'm actually looking forward to dating again!

What's fallen in to place for me is that this is a process and not a quick fix. What Rachael did was provide a catalyst for positive change in my life that involved careful consideration, thought and work. It's not just about finding the one but putting the best version of myself out there and being open to every possibility. Hopefully the bi-product of this in the future will be a successful, fulfilling relationship!

Marjory B
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