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relationship counselling

Rachael is Easy to talk to, very professional, made me feel at ease and was non judgemental. Had very good constructive comments and helped me with my problems. Would highly recommend her.

Mickey Monti- Colombi


I came to Rachel because I was experiencing severe distress following the death of a loved one. When you’re in the midst of grief, it’s really hard to figure out what’s happening around you. Are you upset with someone because you’re (understandably) over-emotional, or is what they’ve done something you should really be upset about? Rachel helped me see my situation clearly which enabled me to make positive life changes. She was warm, easy to talk to and very good at listening.

Roxann Williams


I have seen Rachael and I think she’s wonderful, kind friendly and very approachable. I felt in very good hands when I saw her. I highly recommend Rachael. I first saw Rachael after having been diagnosed with cancer and life in general was incredibly difficult, she helped me to realise what I needed to do to feel more in control of my own happiness and wellbeing. I would definitely see her again in the future if I needed to she was great x



Before seeing Rachael, I had had a pretty negative experience with counselling.  I didn't get on with CBT and was left unsatisfied with NHS services. My anxiety was out of control and having yoyoed on and off medication, I was in desperate need of a solution. Rachael was so easy to talk to and after a couple of sessions, I felt I had known her for years. She offered a fresh perspective, and helped me to unravel the complex entanglement of my relationships with my family, and to understand issues that had plagued me for years. She made me realise what was making me so unhappy. After seeing Rachael, I feel back in control of my own life and I can enjoy things that once caused me so much stress. I cannot thank her enough for her insight, guidance and advice. I would have no hesitation in recommending her or giving her a call if I needed her support in the future.



Rachael helped me so much during a difficult time in my life. I was sceptical about counselling and whether it was right for me but I’m so glad I reached out to her. She has an ability to make you feel relaxed and allow you to open up in a friendly and calming environment. There was no judgement and her advice and guidance was supportive and understanding. She uncovered things I didn’t know about myself and I am so grateful for her help.I also know that she is always there on the end of the phone if I need her guidance again. I can’t recommend Rachael enough.

Hayley M


Not ever met a councillor before I was very curious as to how the sessions would go. I think what Rachel does is relax you does not judge and is very open.  Having somebody that you do not know allows you to be honest without fear of any criticism.  Would recommend Rachel to others.

Colin Main


Going to Rachael was one of the best things I have done she made me feel at ease from the moment I sat down. I liked that she allowed me to lead the conversation I felt comfortable crying in front of her (which I did a lot of ) she just let the sessions flow at my speed. Rachael helped me more than anyone else at a time when I felt lost and I will be forever grateful to her. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Maxine T


Having tried counselling once before and not feeling at all comfortable I was hesitant to try again. I'm so glad I did! after just one session I felt so at ease, I never feel like I'm being judged or looked down on when talking about things no matter how bad they may be! Rachael really has helped me to look at things from a different perspective, I feel much more positive about things than I have done in a very long time. I also like the fact you lead the conversation rather than being bombarded with questions and pushing, you can very much go at your own pace. I would highly recommend Rachael to anyone that is looking for a caring highly committed person to talk to.

Laura C


Admitting you need help is a hard thing to do but Rachel made me feel at ease and I felt completely comfortable with her. She doesn’t judge you, she listens and talking things through helped me deal with my situation. I would recommend Rachel and I know I can go back and see her at any point if I feel I need to.

Tracy Eales


Rachael has been a great help, allowing me to explore all the relevant issues relating to my concern. I felt able to share my problems without feeling anxiety or being judged. I feel I have made real progress during our counselling sessions and Rachael has equipped me with some of the tools to continue this progress. I feel much more positive about life since speaking to her. Highly recommended.



Being a child of the 60's I was rather sceptical of seeing a therapist. However, Rachael soon put me at ease very quickly with her calm, considerate non judgemental approach. Rachael was able to put a perspective on issues which helped me put issues to bed, which had been bugging me for years.



Rachael was wonderful to work with, patient, understanding and able to give excellent advise and coping mechanisms. I’d been suffering from depression, anxiety and trauma problems for a while which culminated in an attempted suicide in March 2018. Through Rachael’s methods and counselling, I now have the skills and tools to fight off these feelings. The transformation in my life is incredible. I can’t thank Rachael enough.

Matthew D


Just want to say a big thank you to Rachael Blackmore. I recently went through a break up. Instead of moping around I decided to look for help to address the issues that led to the break up.  Not knowing what to expect on the first session, it was more than I expected.  A great place to open up and discuss how to improve myself.

Paul Terzer


I have only ever visited one counsellor ... I am so grateful it was Rachael. She undoubtedly has the experience, skills and knowledge necessary, but much more than this, she is perceptive, clear-sighted and above all, profoundly empathetic. She listens, intuitively understands complex issues, and delivers counselling in a non-judgemental, non-prescriptive way, which goes straight to the heart of the matter. Rachael's experience and intellect, combined with her innate humanity, give her the ability to initiate very real positive changes and insight. I am very grateful to Rachael for helping me with my own personal crisis; I thoroughly recommend her to anyone seeking genuine and effective guidance.



Rachel was great to work with, very supportive and helped me to understand my  thoughts and feelings.  The consultancy environment was very  comfortable and relaxed.  I found it very easy to make progress  quickly with her experience and knowledge.  I would definitely use Rachel in the future and recommend to anybody in need of support.

Giles Rodgers


Where to begin! Racheal is the best counsellor I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. She’s a good listener, kind and not judgmental. But most importantly she’s calm, no matter how big or small you feel the issue you face is Rachael has the ability to make you see and understand how to fix it. Her passion for her work and zest for life really shines through and I don’t know where I’d be without her. I’d highly recommend her. Thank you for everything Rachael.



Rachael possess good insight and has the ability to help me identify areas that are causing me concern, as well as offer constructive advice on how to deal with them.Rachael is an extremely good listener who gives off an air of empathy that I find both soothing and enables more free and easy communication.

Sean Conway


Rachael has been a wonderful support for me through my tough times and is now a firm template in my diary. As I need to vent on a regular basis I needed somebody who can sit and listen and advise me and go through options in life. I wouldn’t know where I would be without her. Thank you for wonderful advice and support. You are truly fabulous. xxx

Joanne Sealey


Rachael is a truly wonderful counsellor and I'm so glad I found her. Not only is Rachael a great listener, but she is also incredibly insightful. Just through talking to her about my issues, she is able to offer answers and carefully thought out solutions. I'm so glad I found Rachael and highly recommend her.



Rachael, thank you so much for helping me sort through things and put everything into perspective, especially my relationship with my husband. Best wishes, K



I felt listened to rather than sympathised with. I didn’t feel judged in any way and felt that the questions raised questioned my own perceptions and enabled me to view myself differently. I felt I was able to talk freely as Rachael’s openness enabled this. Her genuineness shone through



I have found Rachael to be an empathetic, patient and compassionate counsellor. Rachael has enabled me to talk through my issues without fear of judgement and gain an understanding of what measures I can act upon to overcome these. My outlook on life has improved tremendously and I cannot thank Rachael enough for her kindness and support.  Although moving  forward, I will also miss her!

Darren P


I started to see Rachael in September 2017 when I had got signed off sick for stress at work, she made me feel so comfortable from day one and helped me to understand what my issues actually are and has helped me find solutions to making my life better. Just a few months on I feel like a new person with a purpose in life now thanks to Rachael. I would recommend Rachael to anyone who is feeling lost or just needs someone to talk to.


David Hammond


Rachael helped me through a very difficult time, after facial surgery went wrong and I lost all my confidence and was struggling to leave the house and face people in public. She is very caring and compassionate and non judgmental, she listened to all my fears and previously unspoken feelings on lots of subjects and encouraged me to voice them. After my sessions with Rachael I feel I am a lot more assertive and actually realise I am aloud to say no to people and put myself first, although I’ve put my sessions on hold now, I am confident that should I need her again she will always be there. I can’t thank her enough for helping me find myself again.Paula



Thank you so much for everything that you have done for me without you I wouldn’t have got past this stage and honestly I’m so happy that you were so understanding and easy to talk to about anything and everything. Thank you so much.




From the first session to the last, Rachael made me feel comfortable and relaxed, to be able to express myself without judgement. It didn't take long to build up a rapport with her, which made me feel all the more comfortable. The sessions felt informal and not regimented, it felt like I was chatting to a caring friend, and learnt so much about myself and others, which helped me immensely to sort out my issues.

Rachael is very professional but more importantly, she cares and I truly can't thank her enough. 

Rick Wilson


I will certainly consider having counselling again if need be (hopefully not). My relationships and feelings of anxiety have improved since coming to see Rachael. RP

Richard P


I felt listened to rather than sympathised with. I didn’t feel judged in any way and felt that the questions raised questioned my own perceptions and enabled me to view myself differently. I felt I was able to talk freely as Rachael’s openness enabled this. Her genuineness shone through. SP

Sophie P


Rachael is extremely sensitive, attentive and empathetic, and is obviously passionate about her work helping people. She's very easy to talk to, and works hard to build a trusting relationship with her clients. She's fantastic support whatever the issue - she really cares and you couldn't want for a better person to talk to.

Katie H


Rachel always made me feel very comfortable & she's very easy to talk to without judgement. I was never very keen on going to speak to someone for some support but it was the best decision I made.

Robyn E
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