February 3, 2019

What can we learn from The Undateables?

I was watching The Undateables last Wednesday night and it struck me that the dating world would be a far easier place if everyone shared their attitude towards love and relationships.

I love this show, and I love the people on it. They are genuine, caring, authentic people who simply want to find someone to love. And once they have found that person, they are over the moon and give it everything they have. If everyone took a leaf out of their book the world would be a happier place!

I decided to whittle it down to just 8 things we can learn from them, though there are undoubtedly more!

So – here they are. 8 things we can learn about love from the wonderful folk on The Undateables:


1.    They are totally themselves,there’s no pretence and nothing hidden. It seems as though they are incapable of being nothing but authentic at all times. What a refreshing change!

2.    They are clear about what they are looking for and are very content once they have found it. They never appear to believe the grass is greener on the other side, and they are very happy and grateful for the person they have found.

3.    They are straight talking – they shoot from the hip! They aren’t afraid to say I think this is going well, doyou? Or even I didn’t feel a spark – sorry – let’s just be friends and move on.

4.    They show us that feeling self-conscious is normal but that it doesn’t need to stop you from doing anything. We all have our hang ups, but they shouldn’t stop you from putting yourself out there and taking a risk.

5.    They are very happy to take it slowly – no expectations of sex, or even kissing! They are happy to hold hands and maybe go as far as a kiss on the cheek. Perhaps sex comes later but it is certainly not on the cards in the early days.

6.    They don’t play games. If they like you and want to see you again they will say so, if they don’t, they will say so. They will treat one another as well as they are able and wouldn’t even consider the ‘treat them mean keep them keen’ crap.

7.    They look beyond the physical appearance. They have the magical ability to see the beauty within and view the person as a whole – not just what’s on the outside. They see their partner as beautiful/handsome because of the person they are, not just because they have the perfect face or figure or a six pack.

8.    It's proof that there is someone out there who will love you for exactly who you are. There is someone for everyone and if you have faith and keep putting yourself out there, you’ll find them.

So, there we have it 😊 Maybe we should all bea little more undateable...!

Please feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think.

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Rachael Blackmore

Rachael Blackmore is a qualified counsellor and relationship therapist. She focuses on helping you explore yourself and your patterns of behavior in order to find successful, committed relationship with a partner who deserves you! She provides support for men and women searching for The One and wondering why they haven't found them yet.

Rachael believes in the power of relationship: she will build a relationship with you where trust and acceptance facilitate open communication about the things that are troubling you. She is  passionate about her work and committed to helping you explore your difficult feelings and experiences to find a way to feel better and experience life differently. With a Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling, Rachael works as an integrative  therapist. This means she draws on the Person-Centred approach and  Psychodynamic theory to work collaboratively with you to improve your mental  and emotional well-being.

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