Hi! I guess you've arrived here because you are fed up with your current situation and are looking for a little support in finding out what's going on for you and why you're still single?

If so, I'm going to tell you a little bit about what I do, so that you can decide whether or not you'd like to work with me and how I can help you.

I work with women who are successful in most areas of life, but can't seem to figure out why their relationships aren't working out in the way they hoped.

I will help you to gain valuable insights and clarity about yourself and what goes on for you in relationships and why they haven't worked in the past. I will empower you to appreciate and love yourself for the wonderful, unique person you are and to appreciate all you have to offer. You are then in the perfect position to attract The One so that you can finally experience unconditional love, have that special someone to share in life's ups and downs, and with whom you can see yourself happily and contentedly growing old.

I truly believe that by developing your awareness of yourself and working on your self worth, you will become the best version of yourself so that you can attract the partner, and the relationship, you deserve.

If this sounds like something you would like, click below to contact me and find out more.

Yes, I would love to find out how you can help me Rachael!

I also work with people who are currently in a relationship, but are feeling dissatisfied or unhappy. I can help you to work out what's going on in order to move forward with confidence in whatever direction you believe is best.

Today is the perfect day to begin creating the life you desire! Have a look at what some of the women I have worked with have to say:


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And if you would like to see who I am and hear me talking about the kind of things I do, please watch the videos here:


Are you...

Afraid that you might never meet The One?
Are you fed up with feeling like something is wrong with you?
Unsure of what it is that you are actually looking for in a partner?
Yearning to find someone to love who will
return your love and appreciate you?
Longing to find that perfect person to share your life with?
Are you frustrated with meeting people who don't want to commit?

I am here for you. It’s time to commit to your happiness and say ‘yes’ to creating the life you deserve...

This unique programme is based on the knowledge I have gained through my vast experience, studies and practice. You will find no superficial 'flirting techniques' or anything remotely 'gimmicky'. This is a deep and transformitive opportunity for you. True love is yours for the taking...
I’d absolutely love to accompany you on the start your journey in creating the life you are longing for! Let's start that journey today...What are you waiting for?

I have 3 options available:

8 Week Finding Mr Darcy Coaching Programme - Weekly 1-1 Coaching Sessions plus Bonuses

By embarking on this unique programme with me, you will be taking the leap into your new future, a future where you are now happily with your perfect partner because you:

•   Have a deeper, clearer understanding of what makes you so wonderfully you;
•   Recognise unhelpful patterns that you seem to perpetuate in relationships;
•   Develop an enlightened understanding of how you relate to others and why you behave the way you do in relationships;
•   Are able to love, accept and respect yourself for your unique qualities;
•   Have a very clear picture of what you want and need in a partner and why;
•   Find yourself able to focus on what you deserve.

Finding Mr Darcy is intended to be a highly transformative experience. Your learning will be both informational and experiential, so you will begin to live your new life in profoundly deep and empowering ways.


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8 Week Finding Mr Darcy Programme - Fortnightly 1-1 Coaching Sessions

This is the same programme, but with fortnightly coaching sessions and no bonus content.


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Online Only Finding Mr Darcy Course

Each of the 8 modules on this course will ensure you develop a deeper understanding of how you have unintentionally co-created disappointing relationships, and use this understanding to empower you to do things differently from now on.

But most importantly, you will learn that you can create a deeply satisfying, wonderful union with your perfect match…


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Want to find out more? Book a call with me today to discover what we can do together to start your journey towards meeting The One...

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